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What’s going on in November

November may be viewed as a month in transition, sandwiched between the start of Christmas and the autumnal leaves dropping. But the opposite is actually true. The fact that it was difficult for us to pick only four significant events from this month, in which almost every day carries an important and astonishing milestone, serves as proof.

Therefore, even while it may be tempting to start planning for Christmas, here are some ideas for creating unique and distinctive designs that highlight everything taking place this month.

World Veganism Day

Around the world, veganism is spreading more and more. There are many reasons why individuals choose this way of life, but they are all centred on maintaining and safeguarding our planet.

Create artworks that highlight the gastronomic diversity and beauty of veganism. You can create images of delicious foods created from plant-based ingredients that are colourful and appealing to express the idea of wholesome, sustainable, and enticing cuisine. It’s time to dispel the myth that vegan food is boring by offering some examples.

Additionally, you can use graphic representations of animals and the natural world to highlight veganism’s ethical principles.

world vegetarian day

Day of the Dead

Mexicans traditionally commemorate the dead on the Day of the Dead. Even though its artwork is well known throughout the world, we occasionally just touch the surface of this colourful culture.

Make content that captures the magic of this memorable and cherished date. You can show adorned skulls, sacrifices of food and objects of symbolism, as well as anything connected to life and death. Use bold colours and other festive-specific motifs whenever possible.

You can also make your own altar if you want to go one step further. Instead of sticking to the norm, add distinctive components like candles and marigold flowers to create a virtual offering that creatively honours your loved ones. Create a unique and customised digital altar by combining artwork, photos, and graphic components. Include components that symbolise

Cyber Monday

Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a major online shopping day that necessitates an abundance of graphic materials for all online channels.

Create unique and unusual deals and discounts for this day that can even inspire you. To grab consumers’ attention, use eye-catching images and visual components that are connected to technology and online buying. Be sure to also include messages that persuade viewers to take advantage of the offers and make wise decisions.

Consider adding gamification components to your website, such as challenges or virtual rewards that customers can earn by investigating your offerings or making purchases. This will spark interest and give people more incentive to take part in the buying experience.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a celebrated holiday in the United States as a way to give thanks for all that one has.

A lot of food is served at family gatherings, and there is a lot of thankfulness in the air. To evoke the cosy and joyous ambiance of this occasion, you can use visual elements like table decorations, turkeys, pumpkins, and autumnal leaves. Don’t forget to express gratitude and thoughtfulness in your message.

As you can see, November is a month chock-full of noteworthy occasions before one of the year’s busiest dates arrives. Resuming the routine with zest, upload your September 2018 designs that are the most original and motivating.



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