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Wedding Color

Best Wedding Color Schemes to Inspire Your Design

Your wedding day is more than simply a happening; it’s a work of art that just needs the vivid brushstrokes of your desires to be applied. Think of your romantic history as the source of inspiration, and the colours you select as the ideal background music.

We’re not just talking about colours in this guide; we’re creating a symphony of colours that will turn your wedding into an enthralling work of art. We’ll explore a colour scheme that’s a vivid depiction of your love story and distinct personality, from timeless classics to the new accents of every season.

How to Decide Your Wedding Colors

Selecting the ideal colour scheme for your wedding is a fun process that showcases your individual flair and the tale of love you are about to celebrate. To help you choose your wedding color, think about taking the following actions:

  • Create a mood: Consider the attitude you desire. enchanting, exuberant, refined?
  • Venue check: Make sure your colours go with the design of the space.
  • Seasonal influence: When choosing colours, take the time of year into account.
  • Love story: Pick hues that hold special meaning for you or that symbolise your journey.
  • Colour combinations: Try out various sets to determine which works best.
  • Bridal party: Make sure your colours complement what your bridal party is wearing.
  • Personal style: Whether it’s modern, vintage, or something else, let your style dictate what you choose.
  • Have an open mind: Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by surprising colour selections.
  • Follow your gut and ask for advice, but in the end, choose colours that make you feel good.

What color is best for a wedding?

The colour that most appeals to you will be the ideal choice for your wedding. It need to capture the essence of your relationship and evoke feelings in both you and your visitors. Choose colours that truly represent your wedding, whether it’s a cheerful, bright palette or a calm, sophisticated one.

wedding color

What colors to avoid at a wedding?

Even if taste is very important, some colours could not be appropriate for a wedding. Steer clear of really gloomy or dark colours, as they may create an eerie mood. Furthermore, keep in mind that colours have different cultural and symbolic connotations around the world.

What are the most popular wedding colors?

When it comes to organising your wedding, there are a plethora of colours to select from, but certain consistently seem to be the most well-liked options. These classic colour combinations have won over the hearts of innumerable brides and grooms:

  • Gold and blush are a soft colour combination that screams refinement and romance. An impression of elegance and dreaminess is created by the combination of the richness of gold with the gentle pink tones of blush. These wedding typefaces look fantastic with these colours.
  • Burgundy and navy: This striking and classic colour combination is ideal for autumn and winter weddings. Any wedding is made more dramatic and opulent by the rich tones of burgundy combined with the deep blue tones of navy blue.
  • Dusty blue and sage green have been more and more popular together in recent years because of their natural, earthy feel and adaptability. Sage green and dusty blue combine to produce a soft, peaceful scene that’s ideal for outdoor or rustic weddings, as well as for wedding “Thank You” cards.
  • Grey and lavender: This delicate and charming colour combination is popular for spring and summer weddings. A dreamy, ethereal atmosphere is produced by the delicate lavender colour combined with the chilly grey tone.
  • Dark and light: Black and white are a timeless and classic colour combination that radiates sophistication and elegance. Any wedding style can be accommodated by dressing up or down this adaptable colour scheme.

Make sure the colour palette you select for your special day captures both your unique flair and the atmosphere you wish to create. As seen in these wedding photos, don’t be scared to combine different colours or even add a splash of unexpected hue to make your wedding genuinely one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. The options are virtually limitless when it comes to selecting the ideal colour palette for your ideal wedding. Love is the most beautiful colour of all, after all.

Summer wedding colors

These wedding photographs showcase how vivid and happy a wedding can be, especially during the summer months when it’s warm and sunny. The colour scheme for this season, which is marked by garden parties, coastal weddings, and limitless blue sky, should honour the beauty of nature and the spirit of adventure.

Sun-kissed yellow and lemon zest

Use vibrant lemon zest and tones of sun-kissed yellow to embrace the sun’s dazzling energy. These hues instantly put a grin on everyone’s face and add a positive vibe to your event. Any summer wedding is brightened by these cheery colours, from flowers to centrepieces.

Oceanic blues and turquoise dreams

Why not let the sea serve as the inspiration for your wedding colours if your heart is in it? Your guests will be taken to a coastal paradise by the oceanic blues and turquoise. With the sky and waves blending into one harmonious whole, these hues are ideal for beachside weddings.

Tropical coral and exotic tangerine

Vibrant tangerine and tropical coral make for an unusual twist. These hues add a dash of adventure to your party while evoking the lushness of tropical locales. They’re perfect for outdoor nuptials in lush surroundings.

Cool mint and seafoam green

Seafoam green and chilly mint will keep everything feeling fresh. Like a cool breeze on a hot day, these soothing hues infuse your summer wedding with a sense of peace. They are ideal for outdoor celebrations and garden weddings.

Sunset oranges and fiery reds

Orange and red hues can be used to capture the flamboyant beauty of a summer sunset. These hues give your wedding a dramatic and passionate character. They look especially beautiful at ceremonies held in the evening.

Fall Wedding Colors

Autumn creates a stunning background for wedding color with its crisp air and changing foliage. Autumn offers a vibrant colour scheme that can make your party feel warm and intimate. Consider these gorgeous fall wedding colour options:

Rustic orange and burnt sienna

For your wedding color scheme, embrace the warm, earthy tones of burnt sienna and rustic orange. These colours evoke the changing of the leaves and an autumnal mood. For your décor, consider fall foliage, rustic chic accents and centrepieces made of pumpkins.

Deep burgundy and elegant plum

Think about using sophisticated plum and rich burgundy for a sophisticated look. These opulent hues give your wedding palette dimension and impact. They add an air of luxury and romanticism to traditional autumn weddings, making them ideal.

Golden yellow and mustard

Use mustard and bright yellow hues to capture the golden tones of autumn foliage. These hues give the rustic charm of the season a hint of brightness. They are ideal for barn weddings and outdoor celebrations.

Muted greens and sage

The vivid foliage is soothed by the muted greens and subtle sage. Your autumnal wedding will seem balanced thanks to these hues. Imagine lots of greenery, garlands of eucalyptus, and features that are inspired by nature.

Chocolate brown and caramel

Savour the comforting aspects of autumn with tones of caramel and chocolate brown. These colours are cosy and cosy, making me think of hot cocoa by the fireplace. They work really well for small, rustic weddings.

Moody charcoal and smoky gray

Smoky grey and sombre charcoal are elegant hues that provide a hint of modern elegance while maintaining a sleek and timeless vibe. Combine them with metallic details to add a glamorous touch.

Spring wedding colors

The season of spring is ideal for celebrating love since it is a time of rebirth and blossoming beauty. Nature offers a palette of brilliant, fresh colours when it emerges from its winter hibernation, which can bring joy and renewal to your wedding. Consider these lovely springtime wedding color ideas:

Blossom pink and delicate blush

Enjoy the delicate beauty of springtime blossoms with blush and blossom pink hues. These hues inspire feelings of romanticism and fresh starts. For a hint of refinement, think about using floral arrangements in these colours.

Ethereal lavender and honeydew green

Combine the calming beauty of ethereal lavender with honeydew green, a vibrant and energising colour that reflects nature’s rebirth. For a unified and organic look, you may, for example, dress up your reception tables with delicate lavender centrepieces and honeydew green tablecloths.

Sunshine yellow and spring green

Use hues of spring green and sunlight yellow to commemorate the arrival of spring and the season of life. These hues add a whimsical element to your wedding, like to a happy blossom in a field. They are ideal for garden gatherings and outdoor weddings.

Soft peach and dusty rose

Think about soft peach and dusty rose for a sophisticated and romantic look. These classic colours provide the colour scheme of your wedding a hint of tenderness and warmth. They are ideal for nuptials held indoors.

Vibrant lilac and rich magenta

Think about using vivid lilac and deep magenta for a more striking springtime wedding color palette. These hues are ideal for couples who wish to make a statement because they are so full of passion and energy. They are perfect for your wedding videos, as well as for outdoor and nighttime festivities.

Winter wedding colors

Winter is a wonderful season to get married because of its charming atmosphere and snowy scenery. Create a winter paradise that will astound your visitors by embracing the season’s cold hues and cosy accents. Here are some gorgeous colour schemes for a winter wedding to think about:

Frosty blue and silver

Frosty blue and sparkling silver will let you embrace the winter chill. These hues give your bridal palette a hint of sophistication and elegance. They are ideal for nuptials held indoors.



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