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UI-UX Design in the era of AI 

It won’t be an exaggeration to argue that generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Midjourney have taken over the UX-UI industry. Additionally, dread might be strongly triggered by things that we don’t anticipate or understand.

We learned that some designers are indeed concerned that AI might replace them after closely monitoring the attitudes in our Flaticon design community. But is this anxiety justified? A single “yes” or “no” can only answer a small number of questions.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why it’s doubtful that AI will entirely replace the role of UX-UI designers now. In other words, what sets a great designer apart from a less-than-great one?

Intelligent Interfaces

Experience is necessary to make wise decisions.

Experience enables UX-UI designers to put practical common sense knowledge to use and see the bigger picture. Humans can currently defeat AI on it.

Developing a system that can adapt to a user, rather than the other way around, is necessary for implementing a responsive and high-performance user interface. It’s a fantastic time to mention that all Flaticon interface icons are pixel-perfect, optimised as web fonts, and simple to change.

When we discuss intelligent interfaces, we are referring to those that offer the most natural user experience. Challenges like, for instance, language uncertainty or cultural biases need to be overcome for the objective to be successfully completed.

They still present a significant disadvantage for AI tools.

UI icons

THE Motive

Kai Wong, a fantastic UX writer, examined how The Golden Circle Model may be used at the design level in his most recent essay. The management consultant Simon Sinek created the model in the beginning to coach people and organisations on the principles of effective leadership. But it ended up being helpful in a lot of other fields, like design.

Success is based on three factors, each of which affects a distinct area. Kai argues that AI will only ever be able to answer the first question “What” while the second and third questions are beyond its capacity to address.

It resonates with us if we give it any thought. In a broader sense, philosophical considerations include why a project should be started and how to make your design unique.

Given that, it appears that robot decision-making is still a ways off. So, unwind!

A great head start although here could be our Figma plugin that includes Flaticon’s interface icons, ready to support all your projects!

Taste of quality 

The most intangible skill, yet, the one that can make you an actual UX-UI star. 

Call it talent, intuition, or simply the sixth sense. What counts here is: AI does not have that superpower. Yet. ?

Taste in design does not mean that you just simply like “good things”. It’s the aptitude to grasp what would be regarded as excellent, beautiful, and attractive by a certain group of people. What we like or don’t is a decision usually based solely on emotions that rarely, or quite frankly never, are the result of any logical thinking. 

For AI to develop taste, it would need to be not only intellectually but moreover emotionally independent, which is not the case nowadays.

As Thomas Budiman, a Product Designer, said: you can ask your Grandma for a recipe, but it’s very unlikely that you will be able to reproduce it. 

Generative AI disrupted the status quo by all means, but as the famous phrase goes, “not all that glitters is gold.”

Many tasks surpass the capacities of AI at this point in history. What’s certain is that if AI is going to replace UX-UI designers, it will not be today. The fear of change is natural and can sometimes overwhelm us all. But change is the only thing we can be sure about that will prevail. The way we work and collaborate will keep on shifting, so maybe the best way to go about it is to embrace it. 

At the end of the day, we live in the moment, and while the future is not here yet, it seems reasonable to just simply focus on the present. So, take advantage of here and now! If you can be anything in this life, why not be excellent? Nowadays, becoming an exceptional professional is much easier than before, especially thanks to AI or tools like our Figma plugin with UI icons. Having that at hand, combined with your prominent UX-UI skills, can surely be the right formula for success. Your projects will achieve quality like never before, while you’ll be able to speed up your work and focus on creative tasks that are actually fun! 

All in all, as we notice that the world is not black and white but rather full of colors, tones, and shades, we might begin to comprehend that what makes all the difference is how we choose to see it. Only a human could write such a cliché, right? ?



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