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Meta Plans Feed For Threads After Users Complain

Following user complaints, Threads will make a number of changes to the new social media app, including the addition of an alternative home feed of postings.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, a chronological feed for Threads is currently in development.

Users prefer to view posts from the accounts they follow than ones that Threads’ algorithm has selected.

The new feed, according to Mr. Mosseri, is “on the list” of updates to Threads.

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More than 100 million people have signed up to use the social networking app since it was introduced last week by Meta, the company that controls Threads, Instagram, and Facebook.

After some users reported frustration at not being given a feed of postings from persons they followed, in the sequence in which they were uploaded, Mr. Mosseri said that Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s chief executive, had granted an alternate feed a “thumbs up”.

According to Mr. Mosseri, additional features “on the list” include:

an option to edit postings and have them translated into several languages would make it simple to transfer between multiple Threads accounts.

Although it is possible to watch Threads on the web via, posts may only be made using the app; nevertheless, Mr. Mosseri stated that the firm was also “working on” a desktop interface.


Additionally, there is no search option. The firm promised to increase the selection of suggested content and include a “more robust search function” when it first announced the introduction of the app.

The business is working to address the fact that the only method to completely erase a Threads profile at the moment is to also deactivate the accompanying Instagram account, which many users would find difficult to do.

When Threads was began, Meta made it known that it intended to enable communication between it and other social media platforms like Mastodon by use of the fediverse.

But despite some people liking this idea, it has encountered pushback.

‘Clear Victory Threads’

The Fediverse is designed to function similarly to email. The fediverse can be thought of as this concept applied to social media. For example, someone using Gmail can exchange emails with someone using Hotmail.

Future versions of Activity Pub, a protocol with the appropriate computer code, will allow users to connect their Threads accounts to other social media sites like Mastodon, WordPress, or Reddit substitute Lemmy.

Threads, however, has some people concerned that the concept of this system as a whole is in danger due to a strategy big tech companies have used in the past called “embrace, extend, and extinguish.” This strategy refers to when a company with a lot of resources drastically expands the capabilities of a new technology until it becomes the new standard, forcing people to use its platform.

These worries were allayed by Mastodon CEO Eugen Rochko, who said that Meta joining Threads “validated the movement towards decentralised social media” and “a clear victory for our cause.”

Users are worried that even when Threads starts to support Activity Pub, they won’t be able to access everything on the fediverse because more than a hundred Mastodon communities have joined what they call the “fedipact” — an agreement to never allow Meta to access their community.

Another feature that may eventually be added to Threads may also get mixed opinions. For the time being, the platform doesn’t have any advertising.



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