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You may easily and for free download all premium iStockPhoto images with the help of the iStock Photo Downloader Chrome Extension. The image can be saved to your computer so that you can use it in projects. Installing this addon will simplify and free up your work.

How to Install iStockPhoto Downloader Chrome Extension

Step 1: Download the extension zip file by clicking the Download button above.

Step 2Unzip the zipped file on your local hard drive.

Step 3: Copy & Paste “chrome://extensions” to your browser address bar. (Shown in the image below)

Step 4: Tick the check box of “Developer mode“. (Shown in the image below)

Step 5: Click the “Load unpacked” extension button. (Shown in the image below)

Load unpacked

Step 6: Locate the unzipped folder on your computer and click Open.

Step 7: Open iStock Photo visit the image page & start downloading the images.

How to use iStockPhoto Downloader Chrome Extension

  • Go to
  • Search for an image in the iStock Photo.
  • Once the search result is displayed, click on your desired photo.
  • After the photo is opened in the tab, click on the iStock Photo Downloader Chrome Extension.
  • The button will pop up labeled ‘Download this image‘, click on that.
  • That’s it you are done.

iStockPhoto Downloader Without Watermark

You can download iStock Photo Without Watermark to your smartphone with this programme. The free and quick way to download premium iStock photos without a watermark is with the iStock Photo Downloader.

In order to temporarily fill in blank spaces in your graphics, mockups, and website designs while you wait for the client’s approval, you may wish to use images from iStock Photos. So you can use this programme to download iStock Photos without a watermark while they are being approved.

Download iStockPhoto with Ease

You can download an infinite number of photographs without a watermark using the iStock Photo downloader. Most significantly, there is no registration required and it is free to use. Without downloading any additional software, you may download all Premium iStock Images.

Simply paste the iStock photo URL into the text field, and you’re done downloading the photographs without having to wait a long time.

iStockPhoto is compatible with

This iStock Photo downloader works with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. because you may use any browser to use this web-based tool. Simply enter the iStock photo URL on the website to begin downloading the photographs without a watermark.

What Is an Instagram Video Downloader?

You can download videos from Instagram using a tool or service called an Instagram video downloader. By removing the video clip from the Instagram post, these programmes allow you to download it to your device for later viewing. Always use this technology responsibly and respect the rights of content creators because downloading someone else’s content without their consent may violate copyright.

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