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How to Get ID from Facebook Video URL Using PHP

Facebook is a popular platform for sharing videos. If you are working on a project that requires fetching video information from Fb, you might need to extract the unique video ID from a fb video URL. In this article, we will explore how to achieve this using PHP.

Note: Always respect Facebook’s terms of service and privacy policies when working with their content.

Method 1: Parsing Facebook Video URL

One common way to obtain the video ID from a FB URL is by parsing the URL itself. FB URLs for videos typically follow a predictable format. Here’s how you can do it in PHP:

Parsing Facebook Video URL

In this example, we define a function get FB Video Id that takes a FB video URL as input and extracts the video ID using a regular expression. If a match is found, it returns the video ID; otherwise, it returns false.

Method 2: Using Facebook Graph API

Another way to obtain video information from FB, including the video ID, is by using the FB Graph API. This method requires you to authenticate your application with FB and obtain an access token. Here’s a simplified example of how to get the video ID using the Graph API in PHP:

Using Facebook Graph API

In this example, we first extract the video ID from the URL using the get FB Video Id function (defined in Method 1). Then, we construct an API request to fetch video information, including the video ID, from the FB Graph API.


Extracting the video ID from a FB video URL in PHP can be achieved through parsing the URL itself or by using the FB Graph API. The choice of method depends on your specific requirements and whether you need additional video information beyond the ID. Always make sure to follow FB policies and terms of service when working with their content and APIs.

In conclusion, fetching the video ID from a FB video URL using PHP can be a valuable addition to your web application, especially if you’re building features that involve sharing or embedding FB videos. Whether you opt for the URL parsing method or utilize the Facebook Graph API, always remember to adhere to Facebook’s terms and policies regarding data usage and access to ensure compliance.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  1. Parsing Facebook URLs: The URL parsing method is straightforward and doesn’t require authentication. However, it may not be as robust as using the Graph API, as it relies on the URL structure, which could change over time.
  2. Using the Facebook Graph API: This approach provides more comprehensive video information and is suitable for more advanced applications. To use the Graph API, you’ll need to create a Facebook App, obtain an access token, and handle authentication correctly.
  3. Error Handling: In both methods, ensure you implement proper error handling. Check if the video URL is valid and handle cases where no video ID is found.
  4. Security: When working with Facebook APIs, keep security in mind. Protect your API credentials and access tokens, and consider using server-side code to keep sensitive information safe.
  5. Compliance: Always adhere to Facebook’s terms of service and privacy policies. Respect the privacy and permissions of users and content creators when using Facebook data.

By following these best practices, you can successfully retrieve video IDs from Facebook video URLs using PHP while maintaining a secure and compliant development process.



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