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Having a wide range of resources at your disposal is crucial when working in the graphic design field. Freepik is a well-known website that provides PSD files, stock photos, and an extensive vector library. Freepik’s free edition is useful, but it has some restrictions. However, a lot more features are included in the premium edition. This article will look at the Freepik Premium universe, its users, and its investment value.

What is Freepik Premium?

A subscription-based service called Freepik Premium provides users with access to a vast library of premium materials. Users can download premium files for use in commercial or personal projects without giving credit where credit is due when they have a premium subscription.

Benefits of Freepik Premium

Access to Premium Resources

Users can access an extensive collection of premium resources that are not available to free users with Freepik Premium. This contains millions of high-quality PSD files, images, and vectors that are freely usable for a wide range of projects.

No Ads and Faster Browsing

Users of Freepik Premium enjoy an ad-free browsing experience that eliminates distractions and makes it easier to find and download the ideal resources. Faster download speeds are another benefit available to premium users, which is crucial for projects with short turnaround times.

Freepik Premium Downloader

How Does It Work?

A programme or website that offers to grant users access to Freepik’s premium resources without requiring a subscription is known as a Freepik Premium downloader. Frequently, these tools ask users to copy the resource’s URL, after which the downloader will obtain the file at no cost.

Is it legal?

It is against the law and a copyright violation to use a Freepik Premium downloader to access paid resources without a subscription. Users run the risk of downloading malware and running into other security problems when they use such tools.

Alternatives to Freepik


An enormous library of stock images, vectors, and illustrations is available at Shutterstock. Using a paid membership gives users access to a wealth of top-notch resources.

Adobe Stock

Another great option is Adobe Stock, which offers millions of photos, graphics, and videos that are royalty-free. It seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, making it the ideal choice for users of Adobe’s creative toolkit.

Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a well-known design platform that offers an extensive collection of templates, graphics, and elements. Users can access a variety of premium resources and take advantage of extra features, like resizing designs and eliminating backgrounds from images, by subscribing to Canva Pro.



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